Mercedes-Benz GLA Class

The Mercedes-Benz vehicles are always at the top. You don’t have to be in two minds as the Mercedes-Benz is a very praiseworthy car that gives you a lot of capabilities to feel confidence not only on the road but in everyday life. It presents all the luxury and elite style of life, so if you ever become an owner of the Mercedes-Benz you will never change it for another one for any reason. It is top-notch, full of comfort and has a lot of potential under its motor hood. But still, all the Mercedes models are full of difference and it is up to you which one to choose.

If you are looking for a car with a new-generation design, convenient for both severe road conditions and smooth town ride, full of brand-new options – the absolutely right choice is the Mercedes-Benz GLA, the first vehicle who gives a fresh exposition of the compact SUV segment. The GLA 4MATIC wheel drive system with fully variable torque distribution indeed will be the premiere for the cars of Mercedes-Benz SUV.

Though a new Mercedes-Benz GLA Class is not small at all (it is l/173.9”, w/71” and h/ 58.8’’), it is quite fast and lively in off-road conditions and really maneuverable in town, still it is powerful enough on the route. Mercedes-Benz has high-expectations about its first-born compact SUV and hopes it will draw the attention of the young. Speaking about GLA it is absolutely justified as everything from details to wheels is high-qualified and guaranteed.

As any reliable comrade the GLA Mercedes-Benz is able to do everything for you to feel comfort during the driving time. It also takes care about the people and luggage in. So it is fair to have not just the elite body but flexible one. You can change the backseats to the lying position and fulfill the space of the seats by the luggage. It has a lot of advantages if your work is connected with transportation of equipment or you simply have desire to go on holiday or camping. The GLA Mercedes-Benz suits you anyway!

The GLA Mercedes is a perfect addition to the previous 4 models, such as GLK, ML, GL, G. It means that the Mercedes-Benz Company meets every desire (and even tries to envisage some of them) of their customer and at the same time they make their best to involve Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the life of new ones. And with no doubt it will be quite successful as it has the widest range of models you ever seen and any driver will find the needed car for him.

The basic complex for the GLA consists of the rather powerful four-cylinder turbo engines: the petrol engine 1.6 (156 hp) and 2.0 (211 hp) and the diesel 2.1 in two options: 136 hp and 170 hp (max torque of 300 Nm and 350 Nm in accordance). Speaking about the transmission it is variable: the 6-speed manual one and 7G-DCT dual clutch automatic one (basic for GLA 250, GLA 220 CDI).

Dr Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars, has big hopes connected with his 5 first-class SUVs. "I am sure of the GLA, with its excellent exterior shape and unique interior surface will meet all the expectations of our customers. And what is more, we believe it will draw the attention of the new clients, who will appreciate the advantages of our vehicles and will become the participants of our Mercedes-Benz family in future".

The world will see the amazing Mercedes-Benz vehicle in September, at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. The dealers will be taking orders as early as in November, and itself the cars will roll into showrooms in 2014.

Design and Interior

Progression, Emotion and Tradition are the keys for all the Mercedes-Benz automobiles, and each one has its own special memorable exterior and interior lines. The modern design and the perfect surface of the interior make you feel all the gorgeous luxury of the Mercedes Benz SUV. What is more, the design is not the most remarkable feature of Mercedes-Benz. The main criterion is high technologies embraced into the elite auto-construction. Surprisingly it looks outstanding, modern and stylish.

The philosophy of the Mercedes-Benz is unique design, simplicity and comfort. And GLA Mercedes Benz proves it in every way. The car models represent old traditions and the style of the life of modern city at the same time and make it perfect. But still, Mercedes-Benz will always be a leading word in the auto world, due to its brand and typical features.

It seems like it is almost impossible to make a wild car with serenity character, but the GLA Mercedes-Benz shows that it is more than possible. Its powerful engine, athletic façade and magical multimedia system demonstrate that impossible is really possible.

What makes the GLA Mercedes-Benz attractive is large wheel arches, raised wheel seat axle and reduced height of the glazing. The accurate structure of the surface is stylishly combined with sharp lines, together they make unforgettable and athletic auto body that has a distinction demonstrated by the refinement of the body.

As the GLA Mercedes Benz is your reliable friend in everyday life, the interior makes you feel home and offers rather a transforming salon. Backseats can be removed as an option. Such large luggage compartment (it derives from 421 to 836 liters) can be easily and conveniently loaded due to the wise organization of the baggage compartment: deep-cut side of the luggage compartment and a wide trunk lid (it may have an automatic function).

The GLA Mercedes-Benz crossover, the harbinger of the similar serial model, equipped with headlights with laser projectors. According to the representatives of the Mercedes-Benz company, such lighting technology not only high-light the road, but also is a unique projector: it is able to demonstrate images or videos on any kind of covering (the wall of the house, for example).

The laser projectors are controlled by the COMAND multimedia system. The photos, pictures or movies can be sent to the COMAND by the means of your Smartphone, Internet or Mac.

Thus the Mercedes-Benz claims that similar headlight is not a simple conceptual development. In future they can be applied by serial cars as evolutionary development of the projective display. So it means there will be an opportunity to project the navigation system message directly on the road in front of the car.

In addition, the GLA Mercedes-Benz dream-car is equipped with two removable HD video cameras with the internal light in the roof rack of the car. They are able to take 3D images of the surrounding of the car and to shoot movies, which can also be showed at the screen of the COMMAND system and projected to any other surface. The Mercedes-Benz covered all the bases, so in case you can attach the cameras to your bicycle or motorcycle.


The GLA model of the Mercedes-Benz brand appears to be at top level when it comes to the aerodynamics. So, the coefficient of aerodynamic resistance Cx is 0,29. A record indicator in 0,66 sq.m. is showed by the drag area Cx x A that has crucial importance for fuel consumption if the speed of the car is about 60 km/h.

Such great aerodynamics that influences the decrease in fuel consumption in the day-to-day driving was reached by a quantity of optimizing measures. There are shape and a low level of A-post plus also aerodynamically well-made exterior mirrors. The tail of body has also been improved. First of all, it can be seen at the roof and back light surface which were given an aerodynamically suitable form. Side-on rear spoilers were made to be perfect according to the aerodynamic system. Aerodynamics is also optimized by the front bumper spoiler (including radiator guard and the area of headlights).

In order to reduce the noise of the airflows during the driving race, the Mercedes-Benz company has also made their schemes tight-knit. Among them, for example, there are multilevel door seal, additional sealing of the side-on boot lid and sealing of the transverse joint between a trunk lid and a roof of the car. The unusual system of the window frames will reduce vibration during the driving of the automobile. What is more, the external noise was managed to be minimized by the engineers due to the low A-post of the car body.


4MATIC autos have on a serial basis the monitoring speed system at back fall of DSR (Downhill Speed Regulation), and also an off-road mode of movement. The Downhill Speed Regulation system is activated by pressing the button and then it provides slow speed of movement (within physical opportunities of the car) at downhill operations. It is controlled by electronic engine and transmission regulation and also by means of deceleration pulses.

At Off-road mode gives a driver a certain function - the accelerator pedal adapts to the current road conditions and it makes lots of advantages for a drives to control the car, especially on friable soil.

Besides, in combination with the multimedia AUDIO system of 20 CDs (serial car) or COMAND Online (additional option), the display of the multimedia service can be used to switch on the "Off-road" mode. On the display you will be able to see the rotation of the wheels, the chosen Off-road mode, and also a compass. Besides, there will be also information in percentage of the steepness of the hill and the status of the DRS monitoring speed system at downhill.

GLA Attention Assist system

Safety is the most important thing during the ride on the highway and at night city. Nowadays people drive about 4-6 hours per day feel exhausted and the reaction deteriorates by 50%. And if you drive a car for 6 hours without a break, the risk of getting into an accident is doubled! And Mercedes ATTENTION ASSIST System is a new one in the auto life. No doubt that it will allure new customers and become a leading one in the nearest future. As it is planned, the system will be monitoring the drivers’ physical condition and as soon as he starts to lose alertness it will offer him to have a break and drink coffee.

How does the Attention Assist system works? We don’t know yet, as Mercedes-Benz still keep it in secret. Apparently, the electronic system will memorize the behavior of a driver in real-time regime (might be by the memorizing how he or she presses the push bar or turns the steering). As it is known when a person starts falling asleep, he or she is much more likely to swerve). It can be assumed that special sensors will be monitoring the frequency of eye blinks or breathing. Plus to all of this tasks the ATTENTION ASSIST system will keep an eye of the traffic on the road, will "see" the cars around the owner’s vehicle and much more.

It is not all the magical options that the Mercedes Company surprises us today. The COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS is a double safe! Actually, it is the combination of the ATTENTION ASSIST SYSTEM and DISTRONIC PLUS (extra option). What does it mean? When you are in danger it helps you with an extra-function. As soon as the COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST SYSTEM doesn't feel the respond of the driver in the case of danger of the crash, the system is able to make auto-breaking (it is possible even at the speed of 200 km/h!). So the risk of the crash becomes as minimal as possible: the CPAS makes your car slower or even stop it. The system is unbelievably nice as it can prevent car crashes at the rear-distance up to 20-30 km/h.

The GLA Mercedes-Benz also make its customers happy with special options: Lane Tracking package with Blind Spot and Lane Keeping Assist or Adaptive Highbeam Assist plus Active Parking Assist (it provides you with auto parking system.

GLA Multimedia System

Always On is really all about the GLA multimedia system. The GLA modernized one includes a lot of new options; it allows using various apps and has a really renewed colored graphic scheme.

iPhone integration has also extended and now there are lots of new functions, due to Daimler's Digital Drive Style app concept and the Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone. Twitter, Facebook, radio, AUPEO! personal radio – now you have it all in your automobile. With the help of Glympse apps you can share your location everywhere you are. Updated Garmin navigation system is a new era of GPS navigators. The system includes lifetime 3d maps (plus detailed North America maps, Real Voice System and the Power of your Voice. Now you don’t have to think where to go – the GPS navigator does it.

As we all know the comfort is the key for beautiful life. And the COMAND multimedia system proves it. It is not only about the demonstrating of the pictures by the project, but also a lot of additional functions. The new-generation COMAND multimedia system offers you real-time 3d maps of the current position of the car, include such apps and programs such as Bluetooth software, LIFE TRAFFIC function and so on.

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Mercedes-Benz GLA quick reference guide

Customer Availability:
2015 GLA250 4MATIC - Fall 2014
2015 GLA250 - Early 2015
2015 GLA250 4MATIC - all-wheel drive, five-door premium compact SUV (208 hp, 258 lb-ft.)
2015 GLA250 - front-wheel drive, five-door premium compact SUV (208 hp, 258 lb-ft.)
Pricing (excluding D&D of $925):
GLA250 - $TBA
Standard Feature Highlights:
7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission
Electromechanical power steering
Chrome roof rails
18 5-twin-spoke wheels
Ambient lighting
Optional Feature Highlights:
New-generation 4MATIC all-wheel drive
Power liftgate
Blind Spot Assist
Lane Keeping Assist
PARKTRONIC w/Park Assist
Panorama Sunroof
Sport Package
* Version date: August 12, 2013 - subject to change prior to U.S. vehicle launch.